The term today is understood as dependence on gambling, signs of which can be found almost every regular customer of a gambling establishment. At the same casino for many players this is a serious problem, because one of the symptoms of its existence is the lack of ability to sober assess the situation and self-criticism of one’s own behavior. However, there are a number of other signs inherent in this disease, as will be discussed below. Before we begin to list all the signs of letsbet, it should be noted that not all players who devote most of their free casino to this hobby can be considered dependent, since they lack the following characteristics of behavior.

Full absorption of the game process lack of ability to control their emotions during the game lack of ability to stop the game at any casino negative consequences in the form of problems in personal life and at work, as well as in other areas of life problems with finances. The last point should be considered in some detail, since the letsbet has a special relationship with money over time. For games, money is important because, like ordinary people, they allow you to get comfort, security, power, etc. But at the same casino letsbet lack the instinct of self-preservation associated with the danger of losing all money at all. They do not agree that the gambling institution always has an advantage over the players.

The process of the game, that’s what is most important for them, and not money, which are regarded as a means for the game. That’s why gamblers, after gaining a big win, quite often lose it without having the strength to stop playing. There are as many species of letsbet as there are gambling entertainments. You can become a gambler not only in the slot machine hall, but also at the roulette table or poker table. The same risk is placed on bets on sports events, as well as on other events that involve the emergence of gambling. In the world of mentally healthy people, playing for money is not perceived as a reliable, stable and effective type of earnings.

This is possible only for a very limited number of people who have great experience, tremendous stress-resistance, and also remarkable intellectual abilities. At the same casino, gamblers are deprived of all these qualities, moreover, because of excessive letsbet casino gaming, they can not adequately perceive reality. This is expressed in prejudices, very widespread in this environment. Often they are beyond common sense. For example, the separation of clothing items, days, gaming tables and dealers in the casino for happy and unhappy. It seems to the patient that compliance with such rules of conduct will help to win.