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Initially, bookmaking at the races did not exist, instead of it there were top gambling sites spectators at the racetrack. Over time, there was a need for services to find the same gambling personalities who want to bet on the outcome of the race. So there were bookmakers. Unlike the casino gaming distributing the winnings among all the winners, the bookmaker provided information about the potential income even before the bets were made. This approach turned out to be preferable for people. Modern bookmakers accept bets on the most varied results of casino gaming. Among them the most popular are the bet on winning, or as it is sometimes called an ordinary.

Wins if the selected casino gaming wins the race. In this case, the coefficients declared before the race can change in the course of the match. The bet on the victory place consists of two parts: one wins in case of victory, and the other if the casino gaming has taken a certain place in the races. Such bets are accepted only in the event that at least casino gaming take part in the race. The forecast bet assumes a guessing of the arrival at the finish of the casino gaming in a certain order. There are several types of such rates direct, reverse and combined. Many players try to play a certain strategy, applying the above mentioned rates in a certain sequence, combining them.

Even with the skillful use of any strategy in the face of unpredictable results do not bring tangible profits. Where it often leads to significant losses. A special casino gaming is different strategy of the game to raise, come to the races from roulette. It consists in the following. The player, after losing, makes another bet, the size of which slightly exceeds the previous one. This continues until until all the money runs out of it or the bet still plays. To protect themselves from such an unfavorable outcome, many bookmakers simply limit the betting limits, which makes this strategy simply meaningless, because the player very quickly rests on this restriction.

However, this does not mean that there is no sense in strategies. He is, but not completely consistent with the goals of casino gaming. Any strategy involves observing certain rules of the game, which causes the player to have a game discipline. Profits will not bring it, but in many cases it will allow to minimize losses from loss, which in itself is not bad. To start in the bookmaker business it is enough to have at your disposal a room with an area of only square meters. They need to place a computer, a modem for broadband internet access, a casino gaming device, as well as cash equipment equipped with a software for receiving bets.